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Sell my car

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Looking to sell a car for the best price? At Kenny U-Pull we specialize in the purchase of all types of cars, in any condition! Just call us and get an offer for your car!

Got a question ? Here are our FAQs !
Will you pick up my car despite extreme weather condition?
Of course we will! Because our drivers are well equipped with the right tools they can pick up your car in any weather condition. Most importantly the process remains fast and simple so you never have to worry!
Can I keep certain parts of the vehicle?
In this situation you are free to do whatever you want then again if certain parts are missing, then the value might decrease. For that reason you should get in touch with us first to figure out the value of your car!
What determines the value I'll get for my scrap car?
Basically there is a lot of components to consider when calculating the value of your car. i.e., the price can vary if your car is missing essential parts. If you would like to know more then feel free to call us! Our team will gladly answer your questions specifically.
How does the scrap car removal process work?
First give us a call so our team can ask you couple of questions. Once you agree with our offer, we will then schedule a time to come pick it up and obsiviously with your cash in hand! Not only our process is super simple and fast, but also we make sure that our service lives up to your expectations!
Will you pick up my broken down car even if it's not running?
Whether your car is running or not, not only we will buy it but also give you the best price in return, after all our job is to recycle your car for better purposes.

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